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  • Beckhoff EK9300, PROFINET-Bus Coupler for EtherCAT Terminals

    The EK9300 Bus Coupler connects PROFINET RT networks to the EtherCAT Terminals (ELxxxx) as well as the EtherCAT Box modules (EPxxxx) and converts the telegrams from PROFINET RT to the E-bus signal representation. One station consists of an EK9300 and any number of EtherCAT Terminals. The coupler is connected to PROFINET RT via RJ45. In EtherCAT, the PROFINET RT coupler has at its disposal a lower-level, powerful and ultra-fast I/O system with a large selection of terminals. The coupler supports the PROFINET RT profile and fits seamlessly into PROFINET RT networks.


      product description

      The Bus Couplers from the EKxxxx series connect conventional fieldbus systems to EtherCAT. The ultra-fast, powerful I/O system with its large choice of terminals is now available for other fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet systems. EtherCAT makes a very flexible topology configuration possible. Thanks to the Ethernet physics, long distances can also be bridged without the bus speed being affected. When changing to the field level – without a control cabinet – the IP67 EtherCAT Box modules (EPxxxx) can also be connected to the EKxxxx. The EKxxxx Bus Couplers are fieldbus slaves and contain an EtherCAT master for the EtherCAT Terminals. The EKxxxx is integrated in exactly the same way as the Bus Couplers from the BKxxxx series via the corresponding fieldbus system configuration tools and the associated configuration files, such as GSD, ESD or GSDML. The version programmable with TwinCAT is the CX80xx Embedded PC series for TwinCAT 2 and CX81xx for TwinCAT 3.