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  • Beckhoff EK1110,EtherCAT extension

    • ●Connection technology: 1 x RJ45 socket;
    • ●Connection lengths: up to 100 m;
    • ●Extension of an EtherCAT network in line topology;


      product description

      The EK1122 2-port EtherCAT junction can be used in an EtherCAT Terminal segment at any desired position between the EtherCAT Terminals and enables configuration of EtherCAT star topologies. A modular EtherCAT star hub can be realized by using several EK1122 units in a station.The EK1122 has two RJ45 sockets, which enable connection of an Ethernet cable with RJ45 connector and establish a connection to a further EtherCAT segment or to individual EtherCAT devices. The EK1122 supports coupling and uncoupling of EtherCAT segments during operation (Hot Connect).